Who We Help

We support our neighbors by improving housing solutions in our community.

How We Help

As RRAR’s nonprofit arm of social good, we harness the collective giving power of REALTORS® and our partners.

Our Non-Profit Partners

Since 2019, these organizations have received funding through the Community Grant program or direct assistance.

Making a Difference

In 2023, you invested in neighbors and made a huge impact.

Stories from Our Neighbors

Navigating life can be a lot like the game of basketball. You miss some shots, you make some shots. For individuals without a place to call home, they don’t even get a chance to make a shot.

Kenneth struggled with addiction and experienced setback after setback, eventually becoming homeless for eight years.
“I lived on the streets because I didn’t know how to find housing, and I had no support,” he says.

Kenneth discovered Narcotics Anonymous, turned his life around, and secured housing. With help from the RRAR REALTOR® Giving Network, Kenneth lives in a fully furnished apartment.
“I feel so lucky having my own place to call home — it’s like getting a slam dunk!,” quips Kenneth.

Stories from Our Neighbors

Equipped to work from home…

Shaquel has furniture for a workspace in her apartment that allows her to be productive and provide for her family. Access to space that is conducive to getting work done is crucial to helping families regain financial independence.

Case Manager, Family Promise

Stories from Our Neighbors

“When walking into my furnished home, I felt hugged with love, safety, and peace. At that moment, I felt I hadn’t ever experienced being without a home of my own, didn’t have the fears of being homeless again.” – Client, The Carying Place

Stories from Our Neighbors

“I had a difficult childhood going from foster care to being adopted and still not feeling as if I had a family. I was recently able to move into my own place. Having this furniture created an atmosphere in my apartment that makes it feel like home. Some place that I belong, can call my own, and continue to build my skills around responsibility.

Knowing there are people willing to pour into me makes me feel accomplished and pushes me to be my best self so that I can push others to do the same.”

Zy-Nice, NC Youth Villages Client

Stories from Our Neighbors

Christy is one big smile as she sits on a sofa in her new apartment. Being homeless since 2016, Christy stayed in shelters, sometimes with family, wherever she could find a bed. Now that she’s safe and has a door that locks, she’s starting to release the trauma and stress she carried over the past years while suffering from homelessness.

Christy says, “With a home, I finally have peace.”

Causes Close to Our Hearts

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